Remus Gatsby Reserve

Introducing Remus Gatsby Reserve 2023.

Aged for 15 years.

How about a sip of something legendary, old sport? Remus Bourbon is proud to introduce the 2023 edition of the highly-acclaimed Remus Gatsby Reserve.

Crafted with the finest 15-year-old reserves, this ultra-limited, cask strength straight bourbon celebrates F. Scott Fitzgerald’s legendary novel, “The Great Gatsby”, a century ago – from its events in 1922 to its publication in 1925.

Legend has it, Fitzgerald’s titular character ‘Jay Gatsby’ was inspired by Remus. Some say Fitzgerald and Remus’ fortuitous 1918 meeting began the ‘drums of destiny’. Others believe Fitzgerald gathered plenty of influence from Remus’ many newspaper exposés.

In any case, it’s a legendary story that calls for an equally legendary sip. Cheers!

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