Who needs a bourbon trail when you have a

Whiskey City?

Kentucky may be known for its bourbon, but no town does rye whiskey and high-rye bourbon better than Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Since the mid-1800s, “Whiskey City” has been synonymous with the world’s finest rye whiskey.

Nestled in between the Ohio River and Tanner’s Creek sits a monument to Lawrenceburg’s rich distilling history, Ross & Squibb Distillery. Our globally renowned tradition of crafting the finest ryes and high-rye bourbons continues today under the discerning eye of our Master Distiller, Ian Stirsman.

Aside from its prime trade location along the Ohio River, Ross & Squibb Distillery, and the distilleries that came before us, have benefitted from sitting atop the Great Miami Aquifer. Cold and pure, the water we use to craft our whiskey is naturally limestone filtered, lowering the sulfur and iron content that negatively affect a whiskey's taste. The result is a bold, spicy flavor no other region can replicate.

Ross & Squibb logo

George Ross, one of our two namesakes at Ross & Squibb Distillery, founded Rossville Distillery in 1847, a distillery that once sat at the main entrance to our current campus.

With his distillery thriving, sadly, Ross passed in 1853. But his spirit would live on as Rossville Distillery would become Lawrenceburg’s longest running distillery.

While Rossville Distillery prospered, William P. Squibb founded W.P Squibb & Co. Distillery in 1869, which sat on the north end of our current campus.

Because of W.P. Squibb & Co.’s reputation for crafting high quality whiskey, the King of the Bootleggers, George Remus, purchased W.P. Squibb & Co. in 1921.

Known for supplying the finest bourbon of the Prohibition era, we celebrate Squibb and Remus‘ dedication to quality with the award-winning Remus Bourbon, Remus Repeal Reserve, Remus Gatsby Reserve and Remus Single Barrel.